Benefits of ProtocolLib

Without ProtocolLib you are unable to have Placeholders in GUI Names. Along with this, without ProtocolLib, text input is able to be modified by external plugins.

How do I add color?

All sections in this plugin fully support Bukkit Chatcolors with the key symbol of &. Starting update 3.3 HexCodes are also supported like this: #33FEFF. You also may use MiniMessage for your text customization needs.

How do I get support?

You can join the support discord and make a ticket.

Why aren't Middle Clicks aren't working?

Since Minecraft 1.18 the client will only send Middle Click packets if you're in creative mode OR have an item in your cursor.

Can I decompile the plugins code?

Guided by the TOS you may not decompile the plugins code for any reason without direct approval from the author: swordofsouls

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