🧰Editing an Item


When creating a GUI some customization is needed. You may right click on any placed Item in your editor to open the Item Editor.

Item Naming

Click on the grass block to set your items name.

Item Display

You may left click display icon to set Custom Skull Data or right click while holding your desired item on your cursor. When loading with ItemsAdder/Oraxen you may shift left click to set your texture ID.

Item Flags

Opening the flag shows this interface

You may select and deselect any number of available flags for your server version.


Opening the lore editor shows this interface

Using the lore editor, you are able to add all the lore you will ever need. First add some lore using the + icon. After adding lines of lore you are able to scroll through them using the Up and Down icons. You will see the preview of the editor on the Lore icon. You can use this functionality to add and delete lore in specific places.

Item Enchantments

Opening the enchantment editor shows this interface

You are able to accurately see all the Enchantments avalible for your server version and apply and remove them at will. Use the page icons on the bottom of the menu to navigate all available Enchantments.

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